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By far the best

I have purchased from many vendors. I'm sticking with Urban Ice, fast response, ran by humans. Sometimes they send out extra goodies, which i love.

Doug 08/31/2018
Thank You

Hello there. Just wanted to say thank you so much for my last order, and for explaining the changes that are going on to me so nicely. I'm going to try out the powder finally, for sake of saving money. Your product helps me so much. Thank you again for all you guys do. What a wonderful company you are. By far the best at what you do, hands down. And the best product, too! ❤ Thank you! God Bless. Hope everyone there is doing well. Congrats again on all the success! I do Love the new website. ;)

Melanie Neyer 09/15/2018
Great Product
Received my bottle today and took some and absolutely love it! Great stuff and can’t wait to order more!
Brittany 09/18/2018
Shipped so quickly!

So far, this company rocks! Had a few complications with e-checks. Called and talked to Dan, he was awesome. He was super friendly and said he would make sure it got shipped by that day (Monday). Here it is Wed. and sure enough, package arrived today! Super professional packaging... I’ve been using Kratom for the past 5+ years and this is the first time it came in a sealed container (bought the 96g). Plus, they threw in some sample capsules! Thanks guys.

Lisseranne 09/19/2018
Thank You Sooo Much!!!

I am so grateful to all of you and your products! I understand and hope others do too that after the documentary was released that all of you were so busy and even I had a problem with my shipping but you were all so kind and quickly resolved the issue, thank you Jamie and all others who guided me to help set up my account to pay. I have never known such a friendly staff to help me get exactly what I need with a product that has literally saved me. I feel like a new person and I have your company and all of you to thank!

Shannon 09/24/2018
I've had the pleasure of speaking to customer service a few times and they have been super helpful, kind, and best of all very down to earth and easy to talk to. This is one company I don't mind calling. No robots bouncing you around to different representatives just generous human beings! Five stars!
Josh 09/24/2018
Superior quality!
Second purchase, and would back this product 100%
Makenzie 09/26/2018
Fast shipping
Never did an ECheck before! But now that I have, I’m happy I found your company through my daughter telling me to watch a YouTube video. Thank you. We are going to be best friends. Please advise customers how and for what each product is used. Customers might purchase more.
Toni Lynne 09/27/2018
Great product and fast shipping!
Once you get the payment sorted out, the shipping is very quick! Great product and very fast shipping! Will be back! Highly recommend.
Aaron 09/29/2018
The best
Won't go anywhere else ever! They've been the best quality hands down! Been on this journey 4 years and I love Urban Ice!
The best ever 10/01/2018
Great products and friendly staff

High quality products and great customer service and fast shipping. Can’t get much better than that. Proud customer

Rob J 10/02/2018
Maeng Da Master

Excellent product.  Great price and very fast service by using Zelle from my bank.

Mike 10/09/2018
The Top Of The Hill!
Excellent products and fast shipping. Their customer service alone is an opioid replacement! They've always gone out of their way to be helpful. No B.S. Sincerely - a longtime, lifetime customer.
Marcie 10/11/2018
Love it
Maeng DA is the best that I have tried by far! Really has been a help. Thank you to Ice Natural Organix!!
J.W. 10/12/2018
Best Kratom on the Market
By far the best kratom on the market. I've tried at least 15 different varieties. Nothing comes close.
Shoegal 10/18/2018
Great Product. Fantastic Customer Service.
Not many people comment on each product they’ve tried.I just tried the white vein powder and i like to mix it into my protein smoothies. They taste good and the efficacy of the product is great. My favorite capsules are the Premium Bali XL and Maeng Da XL. Thank you Urban Ice for offering great products and fantastic customer service. I just wanted to share.
T 10/19/2018
The best quality
Really fast service and the quality is consistent which is so hard to find with some of the other brands out there
Pete 10/19/2018
Awesome Product
I work a fairly stressful job and this has been a life saver!
Melanie 11/04/2018
Outstanding product I feel safe using. I live on the other side of the country and will never buy from anyone else. Great customer service too.
papa 11/08/2018
best kratom
great people and a great product
jj 11/09/2018