Monthly Kratom Subscription

Looking for quality Kratom at an affordable price?

Urban Ice is proud to announce the very first kratom subscription service. Our Kratom Box offers a rotation of our most popular kratom products

+ featured item(s) that can be delivered to your doorstep every month.

What is included in this month's Kratom Box?

  • • 1 CBD Infused Kratom - 175-count Bottle
  • • 1 CBD Infused Kratom - 60 gram Powder
  • • 1 Morning Focus Kratom - 100-count Bottle
  • • 1 Evening Recovery Kratom - 100-count Bottle
  • • 1 Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture - 1000mg Bottle

How does it work?

By subscribing to our kratom box, we automatically deliver a kratom package to your front door with at least one unique item from another brand.

Not interested in the monthly subscription? No problem, we also offer a one-time Kratom Box!

  • • Each package has a $200 retail value.
  • • Monthly Subscription Box - $119.99 (shipping included)
  • • One-Time Subscription Box - $139.99 (shipping included)
  • • Cancel your subscription box at any time, no hassle and no fees guaranteed.
  • • Call in to suspend your subscription box, one month at a time, if you are not interested in the box for the month. 

Ready to start receiving your monthly Kratom Box?

Give us a call at 702.583.4265 and one of our friendly representatives will help you get started.